Boy is a 10-year-old kid who has been removed from parental custody by youth care and child protection authorities. Different stories are intertwined: boy’s parents, his foster parents, the child protection consultant, the youth worker,…

The music theatre production Boy will be created in Opera Ballet Vlaanderen (Antwerp) by a cast of renowned actors (including Sofie Decleir, Jeroen Perceval, Suzanne Grotenhuis, Joris Van den Brande, Tiny Bertels), the Children’s Choir of the Flemish Opera and HERMESensemble.

Research, text & by Kyoko Scholliers.
Composition by Joris Blanckaert.
Conducted by Hendrik Derolez & Stijn Saveniers.

Due to Covid-19 the première of Boy has been postponed to September 2021.