RE:flection addresses the acoustic ecology, the delicate balance between living organisms, including man, and their acoustical environment. Our ears are constantly exposed to a mounting crescendo of noises louder than the human voice. Noise is undesired sound: the wrong sound in the wrong place. Unwrapping a present during a birthday party may be louder than unwrapping a candy in a concert hall during Beethoven, yet the latter is more unwanted compared to the former. RE:flection invites to listen again to the sounds we produce and the impact they may have on our environment.

RE:flection is a chair, headphones and a mirror.  It will be at your disposal at the Ear to the Ground #3 festival, April 6th 2019 @ Music Centre De Bijloke as a part of the House of Ear project, curated by David Helbich.  Afterwards it will move to Zebrastraat exhibition space, in the Listen To Me exhibition curated by Philippe Druez, April 13th until May 5th, 2019.

RE:flection is an interim result of the research process towards City of Ear, a large-scale in situ composition for 33 choirs, or more accurately a framework of 33 different compositions to be performed simultaneously at different locations in a city, shaping and blending with the city soundscape. City of Ear will be premiered in the city centre of Ghent on Sunday, Sept. 15th, 2019.