RE:volution RE:verberations

Performance @De Krook library (Ghent) by GAME ensemble.
In RE:volution RE:verberations GAME wants to recall the May events in 1968, a global revolt against the powers that be.  Workers and students united in the streets, out of an instinctive belief in self-management, decentralization of economic and political power and participatory democracy.  Many of our current freedoms that we take for granted, are the result of an evolution that started in the aftermath of the protests in 1968.

During the events various cultural activist movements and committees emerged who opposed the monopolisation of the production and consumption of art by a small elitist group.  One of them was CRAC (Comité Révolutionnaire d’Agitation Culturelle).  They believed that historical avant-garde’s project of fusing art and everyday life was left unfinished.  The Dadaist, Surrealist, Provo and Situationist movements furnished a clear point of reference : art, including music, had to be accessible and participatory.
In this realm many contemporary composers started to write in situ music.  Those compositions had to be executed outside the concert hall, in order to change the historical position of the audience and the musicians, and to accept the real world – along with its intentional and unintentional noises – as part of the creation.  
With an average of 4000 visitors a day, from all classes of society, and because of its transparent architecture, De Krook complies with the principle of accessibility and participation. 

May 1968 might not have been a genuine revolution. After the events, regimes just continued their business as usual.  But it was definitely a turning point with respect to individual freedom.  The asphyxiating state interference for workers, both in their professional as well as their private life, was questioned and state power has gradually been replaced by a more liberal state organisation ever since.  However, the great fear remained after 1968 that contemporary capitalism was capable of absorbing all critical ideas or movements and bending them to its own advantage.  In fact, today we see oil companies claiming environmental sustainability and fast food multinationals adopting green logos.  And state power might have been reduced, yet it has been replaced by market power: the algorithms that are controlling financial markets and big data that is controling consumers.
In any case, the utopian impulse of 1968 is no longer much in evidence. Today’s dreams seem to be much more defensive in nature – damping down wars, fending off hunger, containing epidemics and preventing planetary destruction.
RE:volution RE:verberations wants to recall, but also appeal.  Because just like in 1968, the world of today demands a global movement for action.


Program: Les moutons de Panurge (Frederic Rzewski), Ricefall (Michael Pisaro), Mathematics of Resonant Bodies (John Luther Adams), Silver Street Car for the Orchestra (Alvin Lucier), Mani.Gonxha (Pierluigi Billone), Koan : having Never Written a Note for Percussion (James Tenney), Diptico 68 – vol.1 (Erika Vega), Silent Music (Hans Roels), Les vaches de Narayana (Tom Johnson), A rainbow in curved air (Terry Riley).

The Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble GAME consists of the musicians and composers of the advanced master programme for contemporary music at KASK Royal Conservatory Ghent, who share a desire for dialogue, creation of new works, interdisciplinarity and discovery of the latest developments in contemporary music. Since 2013 they have been touring in Belgium

Erika Vega (composer), Ward Ginneberge (accordion), Filipa Botelho (clarinet), Kaja Farszky (percussion), Elliott Harrison (percussion), Maria Dominguez Perez (piano), Amaury Geens (sax), Caterina Roberti (piano), Quentin Meurisse(piano, electronics), Carlo Siega (guitar), Clara Lévy (violin), Anne Zeuwts (harp).

Tom De Cock : coaching
Jean-Luc Plouvier : coaching
Sara Smalbrugge : production
Joris Blanckaert : concept & coordination

RE:volution RE:verberations is part of the May Events festival @ Vooruit/Kunstenfestivaldesarts

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