‘Score’ composed for Sirens, a remarkable theatre production.  The composition is a sinfonia concertante of syllables, words and notes written, recited and sung by six actresses.

First performance April 17th, 2014 @ Vooruit Gent (B)

Sirens is made by ‘Ontroerend Goed’, in coproduction with Vooruit, Drum Theatre Plymouth & Richard Jordan Productions Ltd.

review Total Theatre ****  “The shouts and squeals and screams of the opening section of the work are at times like a serious experimental music piece (echoes of Cathy Berberian’s work with Ligeti) and at times clownish and silly. Both – and everything in between – works beautifully.  Musicality – specifically, the musical play with words and with vocal sounds – stays a constant throughout the piece.”

review The Guardian **** “It’s the unexpected juxtapositions that make this beautifully put-together show so startling and so thought-provoking”

review British Theatre Guide ****  “The first forays are remarkable as six women in party frocks scream at top volume to the extent that you wonder whether glasses might be breaking in the venue’s bars. This certainly catches the attention and is orchestrated as carefully as a musical sextet, as is the rest of the hour-long performance.”

review Broadway Baby ***** “They have invented an entirely new genre – a new grammar – of music, where the notes are not made of pitch and timbre but of words themselves. Yes, one may argue that rappers and slam poets already do such a thing, but the sheer complexity of the synchronisation of the Sirens goes far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”