L’Algerino in Italia

Una tragedia giocosa in due atti – tribute to G. Rossini
55’ – Chamber Opera in 2 acts (april 2010) – Italian libretto by Dirk Opstaele
Ob/Acc/Vln,Vc,Cb/4 voices (S/A/T/Bar.)
Commissioned by Mafestival (Flanders’ Festival Brughes)
Creation 10/8/2010 @ MAfestival, Abdij ter Doest, Lissewege-Brugge, conducted by Filip Rathé

Raffaella is a wealthy and lonesome widow. Her maid, gorgeous Fatima, has fled illegally from Algeria. She prefers a self-imposed exile over a prearranged marriage in her home country. Lindoro, Raffaella’s son, wants to help his mother in her need for a new relationship: he will introduce her to a friend, handsome Mustafa, an Algerian immigrant with whom he runs some dark business. Coincidentally, Lindoro’s friend Mustafa is the man that Fatima should have married in Algeria. Lindoro, who secretly has been in love with Fatima for many months, eventually declares his love. He proposes her to leave the house and start a new life together as soon as his mother has got a new boyfriend. Raffaella instantly falls in love with Mustafa. Then Fatima and Mustafa meet each other …

First Performance August 10, 2010 @ MAfestival, Abdij ter Doest, Lissewege-Brugge

Conductor : Filip Rathé
Stage Director : Machteld Timmermans
Illustrations : Randall Casaer

Singers : Julie Mossay, Hannelore Muyllaert, Christophe Gérault, Bruno Pereira
Musicians : Lot Demeyer (Ob.), Stijn Bettens (Acc.), Stefaan Smagghe (Vl.), Benjamin Glorieux (Vcl.), Ben Faes (Db.)

Performance March 1, 2012 @ festival VoorwaartsMaart/EnAvantMars, Music Centre De Bijloke, Gent (B)

Conductor : Benjamin Glorieux
Stage Director : Machteld Timmermans
Illustrations : Randall Casaer

Soprano : Julie Mossay
Mezzo : Silvia Aurea De Stefano
Tenor : Fernando Guimarães
Baritone : Bruno Pereira

Oboe : Katarzyna Sokolowska
Accordion : Philippe Thuriot
Violin : Stefaan Smagghe
Cello : Seraphine Stragier
Double Bass : Kristof Roseeuw

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