Kinetic Score

7′ — Choreographic string quartet for the human body
Creation 1/3/2012 @ Music Centre De Bijloke, Gent, by Nelle Hens
A composer doesn’t necessarily needs to know how to play every instrument.  Sometimes he only has a notice of possibilities and limitations.  The musicians will “create” the piece, translating the notation into different physical movements – pressing buttons, pulling strings, blowing air,… – which he believes it will result in the image the composer had in mind.  Likewise, a dancer can interpret the composition the same way, trying to translate the notated music with his very instrument: the human body.

Kinetic score is the third collaboration from the My Body My Instrument series from Nelle Hens and Joris Blanckaert.  In this series, they research an eye-ear-coordination with the focus on listening to the body.Nelle Hens : choreography & dance
Joris Blanckaert : composition

Commissioned by Hardscore vzw for VoorwaartsMaart/EnAvantMars 2012 Festival.
Performances : 1 & 2/3/2012, Music Centre DeBijloke, Ghent, Belgium.