13′ — Music for Solo Tuba & Live Electronics in 7 Movements
Commissioned by Hardscore vzw
Creation 21/7/2011 @ Ka-Bal Festival for New Music & Dance,
Gent, NT2 Minnemeers

Automaton is part of the “My Body My Instrument” series by Joris Blanckaert & Nelle Hens.

1946: ENIAC, the first supercomputer, is making its first calculations. 1951: CSIRIAC, a mainframe computer, imitates for the first time the human voice and sings a nursery rhyme. The human brain learns more and more to think in logic, whereas the computer’s artificial intelligence is programmed to reach for ‘human thinking’. Man and computer are matching, tension is created and the body remains as a referee. Three artists explore the subject in a refined performance of human vibrations and electronic clicks. ‘Automaton’ is the result of a short intense collaboration.

Nelle Hens : choreography & dance
Berlinde Deman : tuba & voice
Joris Blanckaert : composition & live electronics

Performances : 21-22-23-24-25/7/2011, NT2 Minnemeers, Ghent, Belgium.

You can watch a small video extract from AVS below.