Interactive improvisation installation

In 2009, Joris Blanckaert has set up the research project “Modern” in order to develop a software tool enabling a soloist to improvise and communicate with a computer, without any stylistic restrictions. Joris created an algorithm based on spectral analysis and wavelet decomposition to implement this concept.

During a residence period at kc nOna in September 2009, Joris has developed a fully functional patch (Puredata & Ableton Live) for interactive auditory communication between man & computer, which has been tested by classical musicians such as Berlinde Deman (Tuba), Seraphine Stragier (Cello), Kristof Roseeuw (Double Bass) and Benjamin Van Esser (Piano).

Live sessions have been presented at Korte Metten, Vooruit Gent (25/11/2009) and at nO new artists! festival, kc nOna Mechelen (4/3/2010).

Currently “Modern” is being further developed with a similar visual tool.

Check this page regularly for updates about this project.